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Sunday, July 14, 2019

48 movies that are interesting & must twist ever!

Must watch movies - Let's talk about some of the best known twisted movies today.

What is the twist?

The story of the movie is going forward, suddenly a sudden surprise can come to the scene which proves your thinking is wrong. If you thought of seeing the whole film, maybe it proved to be the last scene. Hearing the last dialogue of the movie may have fallen popcorn from the hand. That's the Twist.
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Let's introduce this kind of 48 movies.

After seeing movies from 4 to 7, you may be mentally disturbed, it may be seen for a few days or for a few hours.
Here are some of the movies, you should not watch with your family. So be careful.

01. The mirage (2018)

In the span of 25 years, two natural storms, one woman killed, a girl's niece, a mystery must be found in 72 hours.

Keeping the movie at first because of fame, love, time travel theory, science fiction everything together in a movie.

02. The body (2012)

A woman was killed and her body was stolen from the morgue. The police suspect his Husband. Finishing the movie can be a great push

03. Memoir of a Murderer (2017)

A serial killer that is infected with Alzheimer's. For the punishment of sin committed by himself, so that his daughter could not get it, it was a great effort.

You can not make a decision after watching the movie halfway. After 5 minutes, one will feel guilty. The final decision will have to wait until the end.

04. Incendies (2010)

Before the mother died two letters were sent to two children. One has to give their father no one to look for and the other will have to give their older brother what they did not know before. Two brothers began to find out the father and brother.

The movie is called Lifetime Movie. I mean this is called brutal !! What is barbarism in the movie which can disrupt your normal life? If you want to know, you will watch it till the end.

05. Forgotten (2017)

Two brothers and parents have a beautiful family is in a new home. After passing a few days in a new home, strange events occurred. The movie twist will start from half one.

If you wake up early in the morning and see if your family does not know then how do you feel?

06. Old boy (2003)

For some unknown reason, a person was kept in a closed room for 15 years. The reason for the movie to finish is to know.
Understand how bad and vicious revenge can be with this movie.

07. No mercy (2010)

Suddenly, the body of a girl is found. The head of the body, hands and legs are all different. Why this brutality?

This is the second movie of the Koreans where the fear of revenge is highlighted.

08. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The most popular movie in history !! Andy has to go to jail for killing his wife.

If you do not know anything about the movie, you can not catch up to 5 minutes before the movie ends, what are you going to see in last.

09. Orphan (2009)

Kates has two children. A few days ago a child of Kate died before he was born. Kates suffering from depression all the time. He brought a child from the orphanage to less depression for the care of the child. Right after his family came crashing down.

10. The Others (2001)

A woman named Grace, who lives alone in a huge house with two sons and daughters The husband did not come back from the war. Servants to work in the house have new jobs Their behavior is somewhat unusual !!

The movie is a horror movie, but I promise it's a different kind of horror movie than it has ever seen.
After finishing the movie, you will feel that the horror movies that were seen in these days were part of the story and this is the other part of the story.

11. Psycho (1961)

Marion Crane escaped $ 40,000 by stealing. While escaping, he took shelter in a motel on the way to escape from the police. He is known to be the owner of the motel with Norman.

What is waiting for you and you have to end up knowing for you? This masterpiece movie released in 1961.

12. Fight Club (1999)

A man who suffers from depression is seen as soap sellers. Friendship is among them. They created a club named Fight Club. There are some strange rules in this club.

You will be surprised when you'll watch, the man who is looking for someone but who can find his very close.

13. Shutter Island (2010)

Marshal Teddy and his associates go to a psychiatric hospital in one of the responsibilities on an island. Eventually, a woman was lost from the hospital. Then begin to find him.

Seeing the movie your head will double twice!

14. The Illusionist (2006)

To say simple words, a wizard. At the peak of his popularity in the city. Suddenly, he saw his childhood lover. It starts with a lot of effort to get him back.

He returns his love with magic. You will see it if you want to know.

15. The Invisible Guest (2016)

A businessman is found with his lover's dead body in a locked room. Although initially suspected of being a murderer, he is accused if sufficient evidence is found against him. To protect him, the country's largest lawyer has been checked to save.

Sometimes you may not even think about it.

16. The Prestige (2006)

Two magic friends. Another rival. Who knows more about Tricks who are more popular than the fight between them.

Who will win? To know, you must watch the psychological thriller movie of Christopher Nolan which received multiple awards in 2006. 

17. Secret Window (2004)

Mort Rainey is a famous writer in the country. His wife has gone through a divorce. Stay alone in a house. Suddenly just one person came to meet him. Claiming that he wrote a famous book which he copied. Is the book fake or a person is lying?

Story from life, life from stories !!!

18. Moon (2009)

Earth is moving, collecting energy from the moon. Sam Bells is responsible for taking care of whether the moon is all right. Its time is almost over. After three years, they will return to the loved people. Suddenly some of his problems arise. What will be the end? Can he come back?

The movie shows an incredible discovery of science with a twist of extreme dimensions.

19. Searching (2018)

After the wife dies, the only daughter is the savings of Davit Kim's lives. The girl's name is Margot.
Suddenly, the girl disappears. I cannot find in any way. Finally, the father himself began to find the girl. Help takes the girl's online community

Any clue that can be seen in front of the eyes can be a very big mystery.

20. The village (2004)

A village outside the city. The village is divided into two parts, people live on one side and the dense jungle on the other side. People believe that on the other side of the village has dangerous wild animals who eat peoples. They do not attack people until they cross their particular line.

21. The Game (1997)

A gift from the younger brother on the birthday of his elder brother. The less I'll write about the movie, that is the better.

22. Scream (1996)

The advent of the new serial killer in the city. Killer by calling a telephone caller, he killed Victim with many mysterious questions.

In the minute you can imagine the killer may have caught. At the end of the movie, you may be hopeless.

23. Prisoners (2013)

Two children went missing to play. Even after the detention of a suspect, it is difficult to find out the information about the child.

In the last scene, you can understand why the movie's name is Prisoners.

24. Exam (2009)

Contrary to a job, eight candidates are an exam to an answer. You can also become an examinee like them when watching the movie. 

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